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Photographs and Copyright

All the photographs on this site are copyright to Just Tropicals and may not be used for commercial purposes in any way, shape or form without our express permission in writing.

Photos may be used in the following ways without additional permission:

As a “pin” in another program, such as Pinterest, provided you credit the photo, ideally in the following format:

“¬©Just Tropicals,”.

Unless otherwise stated you may download photos for personal use including:

Use as inspiration for a drawing, painting or craft project that you have created or will create by hand. This does not include creations made using a computer or other electronic device, nor and form of electrically or mechanically printed media. If in doubt please ask. You may give away, donate or sell that creation as you choose, but if you sell it please credit JustTropicals somewhere on the item for the inspiration (this may be on the reverse, or side, it doesn’t need to be on the front). You must not sell, nor give away for sale or profit by any other person or entity, any photo from this site that you have downloaded whether in its original form or altered it in any way.

For all other uses, including but not limited to those below, permission is required.

If you wish to make use of any photo copyright of Just Tropicals for any other purpose please ask. We are happy to allow use of photos for non-commercial and/or information purposes – e.g. an orchid society newsletter – but please ask first. Ouremail address is on the Contact page.

If you wish to make commercial use of any photo please contact me before so doing using the email address on the Contact page. A fee will apply.

If you use any of my photos to sell your plants on any online sales or auction site you will be invoiced. A minimum fee of £500 per photo used will apply in all cases.

We hold all the original photos with the camera details and the dates and places where they were taken and can prove ownership in every instance.

You may not hotlink to any photo on this site.

A particular note about buying orchids while on holiday and moving orchids in general.

Many orchids are endangered in the wild and the movement of all orchids is covered by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and is very strictly controlled. Please do not attempt to move orchids between countries – including sterile flasks and laboratory-raised plants – without the correct paperwork. If you are caught trying to move orchids anywhere in the world without the correct paperwork your plants will be seized and you could face a fine, imprisonment, or both for smuggling.

In the UK please contact DEFRA (link will open in a new window) for more advice. The UK and EU are currently classed as one country for this purpose, but your plants could still be held up in customs. This will change once we leave the EU. There are also specific rules regarding orchids brought in from outside the EU and sold on, so please check. Other countries have their own import regulations and punishments. If you live outside the EU please contact the relevant government department in your home country for full details.

A word on taxonomy – an orchid by any other name

Continuing work on orchids by experts in their field leads to greater understanding of the relationships between orchids, and often the realisation that what were thought to be close families are actually not closely related – sometimes not related at all. Inevitably this leads to genera being renamed as they are moved into other genera or into completely new ones. Equally inevitably this leads to confusion, at least initially, as changes take time to filter through. Some people resist the changes – the older we get the less likely we are to want to change the names (or to remember the new ones!) – and nurseries and sellers may still have plants with labels showing the previous names. If they do show the new names, buyers who are unaware of, or have forgotten, the new name may think they’re getting a new plant when in fact they may have had the plant in their collection for many years.

We try to keep up-to-date on this site with name changes, but it isn’t easy as they change so frequently and this is a spare time, hobby, site to which we can only devote a limited amount of time. We therefore hope you will understand that we cannot guarantee the name under which we have listed a plant is the latest. It is also not always possible to be certain of the identity of the plant in a photograph. Our own pictures are titled according to the label on the plant at the time the photo was taken, be that our own plant or one photographed elsewhere. We spend hours searching the internet for their correct identity if our initial name check with Kew’s databases indicates the plant was incorrectly labelled (something which, unfortunately, is a very regular occurence), or if we recognise a plant as being something other than what is stated on the lable but don’t necessarily know its name.